Kayaking Laurel Lake, Michaux State Forest, PA

Back in PA to visit family, my cousin came up with the idea of a day of hiking, swimming and kayaking in-and-around Laurel Lake.  The lake being a favorite spot of mine, I was in.  We decided to hike up to Pole Steeple, first, taking in the view while having a Nimble Giant.

Laurel Lake from Pole Steeple

Then we ran some of the way back down, like when we were teens and limber-boned.  At the parking area, we unloaded the boats and put-in back at the “canal.”  His son’s friends from different parts of the USA (military kids) were along for the day, adding to the fun of showing them a place I’ve enjoyed for the better part of four decades.

We paddled the narrow ribbon and then out into the lake.  I saw some baby ducks following momma over in the lily pads, so I decided to keep going that way to see what else might be there, hoping to also get a look at the pads and possibly some flowers.

hello, human

natural beauty

Then on across the lake to the dam spillway, I went.  Looking back across the way I came, I had a smile on my face.

We finished up and took a dip in the lake, which was quite cold.   Loading up the boats, we decided the day wasn’t done.  We piled into the Jeep and sped on down the road to hike Tumbling Run.

(coming next post…)

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  1. Great article and pics! Can’t wait to see the next one! 🙂

  2. Nice place James, enjoy…

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