The first time was a jaunt south of the San Diego border a few months after Hondo for an afternoon of street tacos, cantinas and Mariachi bands.  Less than a year later, my then fiancée, now bride, and I drove down Baja as far as Loreto, camping along the way during Semana Santa.  A little over a year later, we were back, honeymooning with backpacks and nearly a month of days to explore Chiapas, Oaxaca and the D.F.

We went back again to Oaxaca in 2012, and then again in early 2015, conducting research and enjoying the traveler’s life as much as possible while not working.  Living on the border, now, affords easy day trips to Tijuana and other locales of Baja Norte.

Mountains, coasts, deserts, rainforests, ancient history, cuisine, languages, and artistic wonder that are like no other, to say the least.

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