Enchanted.  Beautiful.  Impoverished. Diverse.  Truly Unique.  Ancient.  Sunshine.

If you ever get a chance to go to Ethiopia, GO.  That’s what I tell everyone when they ask about Ethio.  Any amount of time there will settle deep in your bones, and get them, your bones, moving back to the wondrous land.  I cannot wait to get back, and I will, no doubt, but not soon enough.

My fortune of getting to live there happened in 2005 with a tiny NGO called Project Gaia.  I went back in 2008 again with Gaia.  The writings under Ethiopia are filled with images, pictorial and through painting with words, of the people, places, foods and sounds of Ethiopia.  You’ll also come across some heartbreaking and uplifting columns on Somali and Eritrean refugees living in Ethiopia.  Borders?  Where do they end and/or begin if maps didn’t exist?

Again, if you get a chance, GO TO ETHIOPIA.

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