Ngong Hills Hike

Outside of Nairobi, the Ngong Hills are a wonderful day hike!

Kernville: MTB Amidst a Dying Forest and Fighter Jets

Shuttle Bob was booked for the weekend, meaning that, for me, it was going to be three days of out-and-backs and loop riding in Kernville.  “I’m booked all weekend, man,” he said.  “No problem, Bob.  I can do rides without a shuttle.  I just want to ride in the Sierra and camp along the river.”…

Bones of Oaxaca

Hitting email inboxes now, with the print version on newsstands May 10, Dirt Rag Magazine issue #191 has a piece I wrote on riding south of the border … Bones of Oaxaca: A Mountain Bike Memory in Mexico        

Taking a Break

Hello, everyone! While riding yesterday, I decided that I needed a break from the blog to focus my creative energies on other writing projects that I’ve been working on, but not in earnest.  I was feeling it for a couple of months and am now acting on it. I’ve a few biking magazine assignments lined…

Tijuana is Transforming

out with the old and in with the new no, it is not exactly like that as the remnants of yesterday TJ are there amidst the change that’s been happening a bright tomorrow TJ created by Tijuanense people

Mmm … Tamales in Tijuana

There’s often a line.  Are they “the best” TJ has to offer?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that some locals have told me they are, and some even say they’re among the best they’ve had anywhere in all of Mexico. You can get ’em wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves.  All…

We are All Migrants

A new painting in Pasaje Rodriguez … Tijuana … Mexico … Borderlandia … Planeta Tierra:  

Ah, To Hell With It

here it comes get ready you can see it building up about to crash almost there prepare for it ah, to hell with it i’m not ready not prepared, not really in control so, i’ll let it hit me see how it feels and go from there

Fat Bike Hollenbeck Canyon

The Pug wanted to go for a ride.   There was a chance for rain, with gusting winds already happening, but me and Pug didn’t care.  I gotta say, one thing I really like about 4 inches of girth to roll around on is that it forces me to slow down, and when I slow…

Yucca Flowers in Spring

desert/mountain spring blue sky and warm rays energy combining from soil, water, sun and from the mystery that shoots up from the sand and stone and rock, life continuing