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Bowie and Prince: Life Goes On/We Are Alive

Remember when David Bowie and Prince died and some of your good friends expressed how devastated they were and that they were such huge fans, despite that you never once heard them talk about either artist, or play one of their songs, or show you an album cover? ¬†It had me thinking that maybe the…

The Great Mosque of Touba, Senegal

Reputed to be the largest mosque in sub-Saharan Africa, and second only to one in Morocco for the entire continent, the Great Mosque of Touba was founded by Shaikh Aamadu Bamba Mbakke¬†in 1887 and was completed in 1963. ¬†The more I learned about¬†Shaikh Aamadu Bamba Mbakke, the more I kept thinking of Rumi and Hafez….

Senegalese Food = Yum!

Senegalese food is quite tasty. ¬†Yassa, with chicken or fish or lamb (the ones I got to eat), satiates, especially so because of the wonderful aroma/spices used in the preparation. ¬†Millet cous cous … yes, that is something I want to try and make at home. ¬† Fish and rice — the national dish —…

Plage Soumbedioune, Dakar, Senegal

With fumbling French attempts, fluent Spanish and English, not a lick of Wolof, and a line or two of basic Portuguese, I learned that the fishers of Plage Soumbedioune go as far as 50 kilometers off shore on a regular, daily/weekly basis in search of fish. ¬†Some even go as far south as Guinea-Conakry and…

Dakar Evening

walking along the corniche on the southside of dakar many runners were getting in a post work session while other dakarois enjoyed daily beach life

The River Gambia in Senegal

After passing through Tambacounda, where I puked while others ate lunch, and on the road to Velingara, you cross over the River Gambia.  On the way back to Dakar, we stopped and snapped a few photos. Turned out, I had a 24 hour stomach virus.  Ugh!

Senegal’s Madd Fruit

Madd is a wild fruit that grows in the forests of Casamance in southern Senegal. ¬†It tastes great, once you add a little sugar to it, or even salt and pepper, as do the people living there. ¬†It’s packed with goodness, likely to be a “super fruit” once the marketeers and foodie geeks figure it…

Basketball and Soccer in Velingara, Senegal

Every afternoon around 4-5 p.m. local time, youth arrived to the Velingara recreation park across the street from the Hotel Najla. ¬†Basketball, soccer, and running were the sports that they were playing. ¬†It wasn’t simply pick-up games. ¬†No! ¬†This was organized sporting teams/practices, complete with drills and coaches and referees! Each morning, I looked forward…