Amidst all the rain in southern California, we also had a furious ocean that came rolling in with big waves and lots of wild energy.  Sitting  on the rocks south of the Ocean Beach pier, I had a front door seat to the wonder:

Ocean Beach, San Diego

Ocean Beach, San Diego

The calm Pacific worked itself into a frenzy.

Ocean Beach, San Diego

Raw power unmatched, is how I saw it.   I walked up on the pier, felt it shake beneath my feet as waves crashed into the pilings, enjoying the gobs of people–people watching–who were out doing the same thing that I was doing.

Nature has a way of getting us to recognize our place.

Ocean Beach, San Diego

Strangely, maybe, I thought it would be great to jump in and feel that power.  Fortunately, I did not!

Ocean Beach, San Diego

10-15 footers all day long …

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