San Diego Fish Tacos

Never ask a San Diegan where their favorite place for fish tacos might be, mostly because we have more than one place.  There really is no “one” “best” “favorite” place.  A response might depend on what neighborhood you’re in, what’s fresh for the day, and whether or not it’s peak eating hour or an off hour.

Nevertheless, one go-to spot for me is Mitch’s.  Walking in at 10:30 in the morning on a weekday likely means no jam-packed crowd.  It is 100% okay to eat fish tacos for a late breakfast.  We don’t care.

I never leave disappointed and the view out on the deck is great, sometimes complete with fishing boats coming in and unloading their catch.

San Diego, CA

no more mahi mahi
no more mahi mahi

With a board like that, you cannot go wrong.

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