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Cookin’ with Jim, Playin’ Foodie, Sans Hashtags, or Not

I grew up in household where good ole meat and potatoes was the main course more than one night a week.  The family farm “out the road” supplied much of what we ate.  One of my favorite suppers–not dinner because that is “lunch”– was/is: roast beef with potatoes and turnips.

Yum!  Wait… hashtag: yum.

The beef that we put in the (crock) pot, or roast pan, was raised on the farm.   Hashtag: grass fed, local, natural, happy animal (except when an uncle would have to punch a steer in the face when he–the steer-got cantankerous), fair trade, sustainable, gluten free, free range in the dung yard, add your own line to make you feel less guilty and more righteous.

Mom and Dad got me this handy dandy dutch oven a few Christmases ago. I call it the magic pot, because everything that comes out of it tastes great.

potatoes and turnips

Hashtag: blurryphoto, idahospudsfrombeyondmylocavorerange, brusselspoutsareanadditionnotfromchildhood, yaysucculents

meat and potatoes

Hashtag: moreflavorthansaltandpepperandonionsalt, beefitswhatsfordinner, notblurryphoto, knowyourfarmer

I’ve long said that my favorite food is:  the potato.  Note that the “e” is missing.  Scalloped, mashed, baked, fried, boiled, … never is it not tasty.  Dad would eat them raw, but not me.  He’d eat hamburger raw too, but we never knew what steak tartare was, nor kitfo (hashtag: Ethiopia).  More Hashtag:  rawmeatislovedbymanypeoplearoundtheworldwhodonotdineatrestaurantswithwhitelinentablecloths  He often had mason jars of pickled beef tongue and beef heart in the fridge.  Hashtag:  poormansfoodisnottheonlycurrenttrendbyseekers

beef roast

Hashtag: smallholderfarmerstheworldoverhavemadecuisinethatpeoplefeelintheirbonesakacomfortfood  ,  whatdoyouwanttoeat?:asmallplatethatcoststhesameastentacosonatijuanastreetcornerorthetacoswhy?isitbecauseonehassoul?

The house smells great.  The wine is flowing and Americana music sounds out into the nooks and crannies of the house and our beings.

Hashtag: thewinewassentseveralyearsagobyfriends,itsasmallbatchfromaboutiquewinerythatis



Hashtag:   rustedroodalliwantisfoodandcreativelovepopsintomyhead

drink wine

Keep it simple, y’all.  You’ll be happier, no doubt.


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  1. LoL. Your hash tags made me laugh.

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