Drinking to Bring About Its Demise?

The views are part of what makes the Valle de Guadalupe a special place.

Valle de Guadalupe,Mexico

Driving the dirt roads is fun, no doubt.

The riches lie in the barrels.

Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

Indeed, they are turning water into wine.

A summary of what people there told me:  some people get a permit for one “pozo” and then dig more than one; there simply is not enough water for 140+ winery operations; water is being trucked in to make ends meet; and people are trying to cash in while they can.

Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

I still feel at odds about the whole experience.  I mean, it’s like drinking wine there is actively participating in its demise.  Sure, continued tourism could lead to innovation and spur even more creativity than is already happening there, with regard to water challenges and preparing for the future.  And a lot of really cool environmental sustainability approaches, design, technology innovation is already happening there.

Or, maybe it’s more like …

Enjoy it while you can, right?

OH, and yes, the food is really good!

Valle de Guadalupe, mexico

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