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Tall Guy Brewing and Overtime Brewing

After finishing up your ride in Mendocino’s JDSF, make way to Fort Bragg for grog and grub. There’s a new brewery in town that goes by the name of Tall Guy Brewing, so named for the tall guy (Pat) that has/had some 30 years of experience working for/with North Coast Brewing Company. Tall Guy is Pat’s solo project.

Housed in what was a Sears store on Franklin Street, the space is quite nice. I stopped in on opening weekend and had the London Porter on nitro, because I’ll try pretty much anything on nitro, but mostly because it was a porter brewed English-style AND it was on nitro.

One odd thing about the experience was that you ordered at a register at the end of the bar and then stepped to your left with your ticket and handed it to one of the beer tenders who poured your beer. Maybe it was an opening weekend thing? Dunno, but it caused lots of confusion and was like nothing I’ve experienced at a brew pub.

The Sleepy London Porter? Yeah, it was really tasty. If it was cold outside and a storm was slammin’ the coast, it’s a beer that I could sip on all afternoon while watching the wind-blown rain falling on the other side of the big windows.

Also in Fort Bragg is Overtime Brewing. I was really looking forward to this one, based on what I had read about it. All I’ll say is that the pilsner was quite good, but the attitude there was quite terrible. Not my kind of place to hang out, is what I’d say. I’ll add that if artichoke-flavored beer, or green tea beer, is your kind of thing, check out Overtime.

nice painting

Maybe it was that day at that moment in time. I’m not saying I’d never go back. I learned to never say never the second time I was in Nigeria for work (!). (Note: the third time was a great experience, so … who knows?!).

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