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North Coast Brewing Company’s Scrimshaw, An American Classic

North Coast Brewing Company in Fort Bragg, CA is one of the originals, crafting beer since 1988 on the Mendocino coast and leading California, and the country, in pursuit of excellence when it comes to independent brewing. Yes, many of us have had their beers, probably to the point that we have taken them for granted. That’s my point — walking into their pub/restaurant was a bit like walking into hallowed ground when it comes to respect. Seeing all of the medals adorning the walls drove that home, so to speak. The thing is, when I sat down and had the beers, (honestly, I hadn’t had North Coast in a while), I was immediately reminded of how damn good they are at brewing beer.

Add on the fact that they are a Certified B Corp and that they sell beer to support marine science/research, and you have something special. From the lagers to the IPAs and stouts, it is world-class beer. One for the ages, though, and one that I’d put right up there with any example of THE iconic craft beer of the decades-long movement is Scrimshaw. Is there a better pilsner brewed anywhere in the USA? I doubt it.

Also, they source non-GMO ingredients and they are certified Zero Waste Platinum by TRUE for how they cut/reduce waste throughout their brewing process and after.

When the bartender asked if I’d like to try one of their beer cocktails, I couldn’t say no. I picked the one with Old Rasputin, the North Coast Russian.

It’s as good as it looks and even better when it’s on the lips. Get yourself one if you’re ever up in Fort Bragg.

North Coast beers are back on my radar, thank goodness., everyone!

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