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Fat Fall and Winter

As prep for winter desert riding, I start fat biking when the temperatures begin to fall in autumn. It’s a different ride, no doubt, than all the plush that the Pivot affords. While both can handle pretty much anything thrown at ’em, the Pugs’ fat tires simply plow over and through things while the Pivot offers a little more finesse. The one gear? That’s human powered more so than the two just mentioned, if you know what I mean.

Fat Laguna Riding

Anyway … it’s a been a fun fat fall. We even got snow in the Lagunas back in November, and it hung around in patches for several weeks. Alas, though, we need more snow, or rain, as things are quite dry in San Diego’s environs. Desert trippin’ season is on, though with COVID, overnighting in the Borrego is currently not permitted. Add more alas.

While not like Appalachia, we do get fall colors. This year seemed more golden than brown, which wasn’t something I thought in previous years.

Next up … a little adventure out in the vicinity of the Valley of the Moon.

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