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I’ll Watch the Birds

I’m guessing most of us around planet Earth are feeling, at least from time to time, as if the future looks like this

Maybe we can try to flip it around and see it from the other vantage point. Maybe. I don’t know really, but in my own attempt at seeing the light, I’ve learned that maybe what we need is a new vision, look at it another way, find new horizons to consider, seek a new perspective.

coming and going
other perspectives

Nevertheless, there is reality. Wildfires burn. Rains fall. Floods inundate. Droughts desiccate.

currently closed, and rightfully so

In the meantime, I’ll continue seeking new understandings with my students, and I’ll watch the birds, something I learned to do long ago.

2 comments on “I’ll Watch the Birds

  1. Sister Marie

    Real food for thought! The Another perspective offers glimpses of the ebbs and flows of the waters around us…the birds teach us when to draw closer and when to recede…These tough times invite us to new optimism with a mystic optic! Thanks!
    PS…your uncle, Fr. Joe recommended this to me. I am grateful!

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