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Covid-19 Quarantine Remedies (!)

Being in San Diego, with a job, the living can be quite easy. I’m aware. The other day, I rode in the Cuyamacas, some of our local mountain offerings, and pedaled to where I could see the Anza-Borrego desert. The landscape along the way was one of late summer in the zone of where these mountains and the desert overlap the eco-borders. Golden grasses and russet shrubs, plant life changing colors as the seasons progress, made for a palette pleasing to the eyes. Nature feeds the eyes and the being.

Later on that evening, I decided to go over to Ocean Beach and get in a body surfing session. The water was moving every which way, not making for clean lines. Nevertheless, experiencing the ocean, no matter the conditions, leaves me walking out of the water feeling positive (and tired!). Entering the water and slipping on my swim fins always gives me that quick wake-up, a moment that says, things are about to get real and everything is here and now. When the rise lifts me up and I kick down the wave’s face, anticipating the crash, I am in a here-now occurrence that can be described as soulifying.

Swim Fins = Quarantine Remedy
OB, SD Tower 2 = Body Surfing Gathering Spot

Riding my mountain bike on dirt trails, along with swim fins and waves, are my Covid-19 Quarantine Remedies. Yes, I’m fortunate. Wherever you are, find some time with Mother Nature to remedy, at least for a while, your quarantine blues, if you have ’em. If you’re near water, there seems to be sufficient science to suggest that time spent viewing it, sitting in it, experiencing it, will do wonders for your well being, as long as you are safe (!). Be safe. Stay safe.

Take care of yourself and others.

Peace, everyone.

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  1. Ditto dat! Sweet!

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