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Laguna’s Magic Carpet Ride

It never gets old, the spring time wildflowers in our local Laguna mountains providing a magic carpet ride.

With COVID-19, there’s an uptick in trail users. The fortunate thing about that is, so far, everyone’s been positive.

A few things to any mountain bikers reading this, though. Yesterday alone, I saw the following:

Group rides of 4+ people. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

Stopping on-trail and laying your bikes down on the trail. WTF? Move your bodies and your bikes off the trail.

Two guys pedaling uphill. I moved over. I called down and said to keep pedaling. They thanked me as they got closer, but the lead guy said that he usually gives the right of way to the person descending. I corrected him, letting him know that the climber has right of way.

Now, back to the beautiful flowers.

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