I drove out this morning to MCAS Miramar to renew my Stowe Pass. Here’s how it went/things to know:

  1. I printed the 2 documents and filled them out at home, taking with me the needed identification to verify what’s on the documents. Documents are here: https://www.miramar.marines.mil/Resources/StoweTrail/
  2. I arrived to MCAS Miramar. A sign says to remove your face mask when driving up to the guard/check station.
  3. I simply said, “I’m here to renew my Stowe Pass at Vehicle Registration.” She pointed me in the direction right there off to the right. I did not have any Department of Defense ID. I was not asked for my driver’s license.
  4. Parked. Go up to the Vistor Center/Vehicle Registration door. There are several signs on the door, including one that had me thinking I wasn’t going to get my pass. You’ll see it. I saw another sign saying that only 2 people are allowed inside at one time. I opened the door, with my face mask on my face, peeked in, and immediately a gentleman behind the glass asked me to wait outside. Nice enough. No issue.
  5. I waited outside, the first one in line. There are yellow X’s on the pavement indicating where to stand. Wait time: about 10 minutes. A resident rabbit was eating a weed and hopping about the area.
  6. A woman walked out and then I walked in.
  7. The gentleman behind the glass took my documents, identification, and my current Stowe Trail permit. It expires tomorrow. I was then asked to sit and wait on one of the benches inside.
  8. I waited less than 10 minutes. I was called over and handed my new permit. I then exited and drove home.
  9. Note: a new photo/head shot was not taken. They used the one on file from last year.
  10. I’d guess that new permits would be authorized.
2019 Poppies on the Stowe Trail

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