Sedona’s Teacup

Years ago I rode Teacup and felt it was one of Sedona’s unsung trails. All that rockin’ good time as you meander above million dollar homes with views of greater value, is hard to beat. Thunder Mountain and Coffee Pot are the dominant mapped features.

Thunder Mountain, Sedona, Arizona
Coffee Pot Rock, Sedona, Arizona

I spun around Thunder Mountain trail system before riding Teacup. Then I went up to the 7 Sacred Pools where there were humans with phones/cameras attempting to get the perfect social media photo.

On over and down Adobe Jack, I went. Near the bottom, a woman yelled out:

“Are you from Pennsylvania?”

Brakes squeezed.

“You know Michaux!”

She and her friend responded: we love it there … from Lancaster … saw your jersey.

“I grew up back there. For me, Michaux is where mountain biking began many years ago.”

We chatted some more. They were on a holiday get-away.

Me, too.


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