Surly Marge Lite/Nate Tubeless Conversion: 4/28/19 Update

Some 3.5 years later and probably in the 1000+ miles of riding later, the rear Nate is done.  The tread was such that when I added power to any uphill, I slid out. Add to that the repeated deflating of air when sitting in the garage overnight(s) after a ride, I figured it was time to replace the tire.  The front tire is fine.

dirty pug with a deflated and worn rear tire

Breaking the beads and taking the tire off, was pretty easy. I was surprised by that.  I was also surprised to find a corroded nail in the tire. Over the past year or so I heard something rolling around in the tire, but thought maybe it was a sealant booger.  Nope!

nail and marge

Put the new tire on and put a tube in there to set the beads.  Once I hear the pops, getting it to 30 psi, I deflate it and remove the tube, being careful to not unseat the other side of the tire.

setting the beads

Oh, I forgot…while the tube is in there, I carefully poured sealant around the Marge Lite/Nate to help it seal up, but only one side, the side I did not want to unseat:

a ring of sealant to seal the cracks

Take the tube out, add sealant (I don’t measure, instead eyeballing it), put the tire on …

a puddle of sealant

…I then strap it down like this:


strap down the nate

…and then I add this little thingy-ma-bob before blasting it with air from the air compressor:

presta to schrader

It immediately inflated and was rock solid.  I bounced the tire around the back porch, slammed it into the cement, rocked and rolled it to get that sealant where it needed to go.  Then back to the air compressor for a little blast.

I woke up this morning and the tire is rock solid. No air loss overnight, is the result.

Note: the Clown Shoes rim strip that I put in there 3.5 years ago looked fine to me.  I didn’t replace it, keeping it right where it was.

4 comments on “Surly Marge Lite/Nate Tubeless Conversion: 4/28/19 Update

  1. Hi.Love your story and pictures of you fixing the bike tire.Your back yard really looks nice with lots of flowers. Mom

    • James Murren

      Thanks, Mom! You taught us the beauty of flowers 🙂

  2. You can put that one on YouTube Jim

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