California Mountains

Sotcher Lake to Devil’s Postpile

I got off the shuttle at Sotcher Lake, taking the trail to the “far” side and around, enjoying the morning and watching the fisher people as they floated in boats on the placid water while the warming sun’s rays graced us all.

Into the campground, I arrived and passed on through, connecting the dotted lines on the map to make way to Rainbow Falls, where there were many a site-seer.  Most of the hiking was open to the sun, meaning kind of hot.  Nevertheless, I trudged on from the falls to Devil’s Postpile, last seeing it 18 years ago.  I remember it being more memorable, perhaps because I remember it being less crowded.

I’m not sure what to make of what seems to be more people getting outside and taking in the sites, perhaps even having their moments with nature, all while being connected to whatever G network and posting “live” to their social media accounts.  (Yep, I get it … me having this little nook of the interwebs and posting this to you.)

Too much thought would have to go into putting it all down here, and I ain’t got time to do that right now!

Instead, a few more photos:

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