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Zion Narrows Foot Traffic Jam

I rented the shoes in town, took the shuttle to the visitor center in the park and then waited over an hour to get on the shuttle that goes up through the canyon and drops people off along the way.  Very few people got out of the shuttle along the way, meaning nearly everyone on the bus was going to the Narrows.

Again, I wanted to experience a few US National Parks during the peak tourist season, so that I could have some first-hand knowledge when talking with my students.

1000s of people were on the Narrows path into the canyon  and where it ends and you have to walk in the water up through the Narrows.  I could not believe what I saw.

Thoughts:  what is the environmental impact on aquatic and riparian plant and animal life?  What are humans experiencing with regard to “nature?”  How do land managers regulate this:

the only photo i took of the traffic in the narrows. in some places, it was 2-3 x this amount of people in the same amount of space.

I walked back out and found a spot down over the side of the bank/walking path, scrambled over some boulders and made way into a pool of water with a little cascading waterfall.  The rush of the water silenced the voices above, the giant red walls reaching to the sky.



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