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Seeing Red at Bryce Canyon and Getting Out

I took a little side trip, wanting to see for myself what “high-season” in some of the national parks looked like, so that I might better speak about it with my students.  It lived up to what I had expected:  too much vehicle traffic for my liking, thousands of people experiencing nature through phone screens, and enough whining and complaining in the first 15 minutes that I was there, that I had to get out.

A few photos were snapped, talking points for my classes.  I was in Bryce Canyon National Park for less than 30 minutes.  The view from Sunrise Point:

beautiful, no doubt
looks so nice
public lands managers have tough jobs
oodles and oodles of humans are all around me
theme park? amusement park?


1 comment on “Seeing Red at Bryce Canyon and Getting Out

  1. Stephen

    Thunder Mountain trail is really nice and less folks. It’s interesting that so many Americans love going to national parks and congress underfunded them for years .

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