Ride Both Ways

Hitting mailboxes and porches, mostly across the UK and Europe, in a couple of weeks, Cranked #14 has an essay in it that I wrote about riding trails “both ways.”  An excerpt:

“It always seems to be that we never have enough trails to ride, that the dirt mileage available to us, especially single track, does not add up to a numeric total that leaves us content in our quest for mountain-biking-trail-amount-satisfaction.  Maybe that kind of thinking, something we all share in some form or another, is little more than shedding light on an aspect of the human condition.  Or, perhaps it speaks to an insatiable appetite that exists with us, as mountain bikers living as trail junkies, and that we will, as we have, continue advocating and working to bring more trails to our backyard, along with building trails where we are not supposed to be building trails. ”

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  1. Stephen

    Sounds good Cranked 14 hope to read some time

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