Kernville MTB in Dirt Rag

In the new issue of Dirt Rag (#203) is a trails-guide-of-sorts article I wrote about one of my favorite places in the world:  Kernville.  Back in 2000, while living in Ridgecrest, I learned about the little town tucked in the southern Sierra Nevada along the infamous Kern River that offers world class kayaking, as well as mountain biking.   I went to check it out.  Since then …

I go back as often as possible, getting there at least once a year to ride.  If you go, know that much of the riding is remote and fairly technical to “a whole lot” technical.

the river kern after a wet winter
boat fun
cannell trail, southern sierra nevada
winding out of the plunge, cannell trail
just outstanding
to rocky gulch, southern sierra
chano gettin’ some
dirt rag #203

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  1. Darrell says:

    congrats, Jim, on another fun and informative article.


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