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2 Years Later Update: Marges/Lites Still Tight

Two years later and the Marges/Lites combo with the Clown Shoes rim strip has made, for me, a perfect set of tubeless fun.  I’ve not unseated the beads once, only adding more sealant from time to time.

When that Surly 50% off sale happened two years ago, I thought:  why not?  Roll fat out in the desert and maybe ride some snow if/when it falls.  The big tires are a lot more fun than I could have known, though.  I ride the Pugsley quite a bit, the heavier bike being good training and the rolling on 4 inches a goofy-grinned high time.

The 20 miles with friends in the Cuyamacas was a brisk-to-windy, chilly/cold, good-times pedal this past weekend.  Fat or skinny, or somewhere in between … who cares?

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