Temps were in the low 40s down by the visitor center when I rolled out about 8:30 on patrol.  I was content in the thought of having a winter-like ride, at least for the start.

Stonewall Peak was looking good, as always.

flip fone foto

I chose to ride the full sus carbon bike on this one.  It pedals easy, the miles clipping away like spent fingernails.  I eventually caught up to a group of 6 other riders, 1 of whom was wearing only a t-shirt and shorts.

Up on Soapstone, the wind was a-blowin’ and the sky looked downright wintry.  I stopped and had some food.

On over to CA Riding and Hiking and around the top, me and the bike went, and then on to Upper Green Valley, the downhill being my smiley-face-of-the-day.

Is it raining?


Stop the bike.  Hold gloved hand out.  Ice crystals falling out of the sky.


Ice crystals falling on brittle, dry desert plants.  Crinkles and glass.  Delicate.

My smiley face just got bigger.  I got in about 5 minutes of a winter ride.

going down the valley

Fire road rollin’, I was thinkin’ : I gotta get out more this winter.

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