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Cuyamaca Poker Ride and then Yosemite

For 27 years, the Mountain Bike Assistance Unit (MBAU) at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park in east county San Diego has raised monies for the park via a Poker Ride, meaning not a race.  The MBAU and this event is one of the oldest/longest running mountain biking organizations/events in the country.  All the money raised during the event goes to the park.

It was a beautiful weekend of camping and riding, despite the last minute challenges that emerged.  Some photos from the group camp scene as people were eating the “famous” spaghetti lunch after they finished the 17 or 23 mile ride:

Important note:  this is 100% run by volunteers.

After being the coordinator for this year’s ride, which really is a co-type position, as there are many people involved who coordinate the various components of the weekend, I went home, got four hours of sleep, and was up and on the road to Yosemite by 2:30 AM.

I needed some “me” time.

Nevada Falls, Yosemite, CA


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