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Walks by the Ocean

A day at the beach was not something that a kid growing up in PA was able to experience on a regular basis.  A week in the summer, a few of them, for a family road trip to the Jersey shore, was set aside to get in some ocean/beach time.  There, I learned to body surf.  In the high school years, we made it to the Outer Banks, where I learned to snorkel.

I fell in love with the ocean, thinking that maybe marine biology was my calling, so to speak.

That didn’t pan out, which isn’t a bad thing.  Life happens, and so far, I’m pretty happy with my happenings!

Nevertheless, here I am living near the ocean.  In addition to body surfing and snorkeling, walks by the ocean are something I greatly enjoy doing.  Along the way, seeing other people enjoying their day puts me in a good place:

play ball!
go fly a kite!
look for life in the tide pools!

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