California Mountains MTB Poetry

A Mountain Afternoon in Late Autumn

up in the mountains between 5000-6000 feet in mid december, if the snow has yet to fall

you can see the grasses pulling their energy down to their roots

Lagunas, San Diego, CA

the air is fresh and clean, and sweat from exercise hangs in your clothes and puts a little chill on your skin

when a breeze blows or when you quicken your pace

Lagunas, San Diego, CA

a stop in the movement to enjoy the surrounding beauty may result in the hearing of rustling brittleness and birds

songs undulate and the heavy breathing subsides

Lagunas, San Diego, CA

a joy of the season’s greeting from mother nature is experienced and happiness settles down into your being

that brings lasting happiness for days on end

Lagunas, San Diego, CA

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