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Back to the Eastern Sierra, Finally

Fifteen years ago we lived in Ridgecrest teaching at local schools for a year. During that time, we spent weekends camping and hiking along US 395, a somewhat-still-secret American highway. This past week, fourteen (long) years (too much) later, we went back for a few days of high Sierra walking …

… and no communication (phones, computers, devices of all kinds) with family and friends or work for three days.

The snowpack is historically low, which makes for easier access into the high country in April when it’s typically not doable without snowshoes. Let me back up, the roads up to some of the trailheads are usually not even open this time of year.

We drove up to the Onion Valley trailhead sitting at 9200 feet. Several hours of magnificent views and of Sierra sun and air lifted us, as only the Sierra Nevada can:


4 comments on “Back to the Eastern Sierra, Finally

  1. this abundant life

    Gorgeous! So different from Florida. Thanks for sharing!

    • James Murren

      You’re welcome! If you’ve not been, and even if you have, find some time to pass a few days in the Sierra. Cheers!

  2. seeingspotsphoto

    Love that view. 🙂

    • James Murren

      A couple miles in from the trailhead … not that far!

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