My, My Michaux (Part 2–Lose the ‘Tude, Dudes)

Day 2 was picture perfect weather, again. I parked at the bottom of Dead Woman’s Hollow. Knowing that thirty plus years of exploring Michaux on foot and bike was soon coming to a halt, for a while anyway, I was feeling a bit of nostalgia and sadness.

Up Dead Woman’s > 3 Mile > Up Woodrow > Rattlesnake > Over to the Blocks > Traverse > Vista > all the way back to Dead Woman’s via mostly single track along the bottom of the ridge, including some new stuff I’d not ridden before and reconnecting with single track I’d not ridden in a looooooong time.

Up on the Blocks and later on Vista, I came upon groups of local riders, most of whom didn’t even say “Hello” after I initiated a greeting. One group with several riders wearing local club jerseys were hanging out while one guy repaired a flat. I stopped, commented on the ideal weather and trail conditions over the past two days, which was met mostly with silence, except for one guy that said the day before was too windy to ride. He went on to say that “tomorrow, we’re riding with [so and so super mtber, in their minds] … 25 miler…going big. You feel it for days after riding with [local bad ass rider].”

I pedaled away, wishing them well, and getting back to my second day of 30s-40 miles of backcountry solo riding, with one more day on the slate. I was glad that I didn’t have on my local club jersey.


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