Post #516: My Michaux (Day 1)

Three days of the most ideal weather conditions I can remember in southcentral PA were gifted to me and all other PA outdoor enthusiasts over Memorial Day weekend in the form of sunny, dry days with temps in the upper 60s/low 70s and with no humidity. While hundreds were gathering up in central PA for TSE, I was down at Michaux, my mtb homeland, for 3 days of backcountry solo riding. For forty miles on Saturday, I saw not another human being on the trails:

Parked at High Rock/Rattlesnake > Rattlesnake up to doubletrack to Virginia > over to Rocky Ridge > forest road up to Southern Gas > tailgate grub > dropped on other side of Rattlesnake down to Chickadee > scooted onto trail by water res intake below 3 Stooges > over newer wood bridge to horse trail up and around to parking area off the hard road > up and around and up Snowy Mountain > up to 4 Logs > down 4 Logs > up to the tower on the forest roads > down, down, down and over the rock features of Tumbling Run > up forest road to Spooge and down Spooge > back on Rattlesnake to the truck

Day 1 done. Picture perfect. Dreams came true.


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