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Ad-Free Vagoscribe

When I heard that ads were being placed on vagoscribe by the domain provider as a means to help pay their bills, I wasn’t pleased, to say the least.  Once confirmed, I immediatly paid the fee to keep this site ad-free, meaning you will not see any ads on any of the pages of  Sure, it’s a way for them to keep paying the bills, which keeps them up and running, providing a place for me to do this.  I understand that. 

What I do not want, though, is for my site to be associated with any particular brand, product, use, etc. If you do see an ad, please email me and let me know the date, time and webpage you saw it on.  You’ll also notice that no sponsors are listed on the site anywhere.  This is my site, and I don’t want to pay lip serivice to anyone’s stuff, having to mention a company or product in a writing piece. 

Happy 2012!  Here we go…

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