Congolese Music, Winter Driving and Nigerian Fuel Strikes

In 2005 I saw a Congolese band at a bar along the Niger River in Asaba.  Three years later, I picked up a “Best of” CD of Congolese music in Abuja at a market.  It spent the past week spinning repeatedly in my car.  The rhythms brightened the mornings, the surroundings outside the windshield being winter pre-dawn dark.  I enjoyed the guitars and percussion to the point that I was looking forward to turning the ignition key.

Meanwhile, throughout Nigeria while I was driving around Lafayette, Indiana the people were marching in protest of the government’s removal of a fuel subsidy.  Workers were on strike, an attempt to shut down the country.

How much longer can Nigeria exist with the blatant “fuck you” to the people by those in power?  Nigeria, if what I’ve read is accurate, is the fifth largest supplier of oil to the United States.

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