MTBLF Manifesto: Does it Matter?

With the recent acquisition of a steel 29er singlespeed, I’ve been hearing things like:  steel is real, 29ers are the future…the future is now, singlespeed is the soul of biking.   It seems I’ve hit the mtb zealotry jackpot; I can be a member of several cults, if I want.

I seek only one membership.

Whether you’re riding 26 or 29 inch tires, steel or aluminum or titanium or carbon, 2×9 or a full rack of gears or a 2:1 ratio, the only thing that matters is that you’re riding your bike and that you’re not sitting on the couch.  The Mountain Biker Liberation Front doesn’t tax its mind with extolling the virtues of what is best.  Best doesn’t matter when you’re raising your heart rate while putting rubber to dirt.

Save the “this is better than that” talk to those that don’t get it.  MTBLFers know that in the end, it doesn’t matter.  We enjoy whatever ride is between our legs.  That’s what matters.

Join us?

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