time finally broke and we replaced it
chilled to the toe bones in the 
front yard before heading out
to ride indianapolis’ dirt for 
the first time since two 0h oh nine
pork belly sliders and a black swan
porter swished around my stomach
as we rode avon for the first time
fourteen miles up top and below
two times, willow ridge grinnin’
slugged through the indy traffic
on over to sun king where we 
were pleasantly greeted by the 
gallo negro and some extra beer
can tops on an unoccupied table
north to town run trail park for
the first ride in two years and 
was happy to find forgotten joy
as we twice hero dirted our way on
the tacky meandering pathway
some beer and trail time in a 
place not thought of as an mtb 
or craft brew state, yep!, we know
we got epic-ness on saturday 
afternoons if we want that too

independent writer

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