Northeast Park MTB: Hand-painted Trailhead Signs

Gibsonville, NC’s Northeast Park, a short drive from Greensboro, has some pretty nice trailhead signs.  At each entry point, the ten miles or so of trail that roll through the outer periphery of the county park is well-marked by hand-painted signs.  In addition to enjoying the fast singletrack of the well-designed course, I looked forward to each trail junction to see what the sign was going to look like.

NEP is great for a morning ride on the weekend, a post-work jaunt, or a stop to stretch the legs if driving through the area.  Dive in on any of the trails at any point and ride in either direction, be sure to cross over the creek and ride what’s on the other side, and take a few seconds to check out the art on the trail:

The Tobacco Barn
Stream Crossing

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