SoChaux to NoChaux Traverse is a ride I may undertake inside of three weeks, if I don’t enjoy too much of the local beer bar the night before, and am able to get up there as the sun rises.  I’m a fool for 30+ taps and a blues guitar.

Why not north to south?  A few trails I prefer to ride in the other direction would not work out if I started out that way.  Too, I plan to put more miles down south, the area of the state forest I enjoy the most.

Maps will help piece together sections of forest roads I may decide to take to cover some mileage, but it’s those unmarked trails that I can’t wait to reunite with when there.  I’m not sure it’s been done, and if it has, it’ll be my own trip anyway.

I’ve thought about it for a while, and I like the idea of doing it on my own.   The timing seems right.  The odds of completing it are not in my favor.  I know that.

I won’t know for sure unless I go though.

PA State Flower...Mountain Laurel

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