All Mixed Up

Kind of like mixed climbing, I went on a mixed bike ride last Sunday morning that sorta kicked my arse.  I crossed over the Wabash from Lafayette to West Lafayette and made way through Purdue’s campus, passing Mackey Arena and Ross-Ade Stadium en route to McCormick Woods.  Some 3.5 miles of trail twists tightly through a patch of trees that the university’s forestry program uses to teach future tree scientists.  The forestry professor that manages the plot of land is a mountain biker.

The wildflowers were blooming, and the squirrels were scampering.

Malaria causes 3000 deaths per day–mainly in Africa: Every 30 seconds a child dies from malaria.  (United Nations “United Against Malaria” website)

Finishing up the inner and outer loops, I left the dirt road and got back on the paved road.  I headed back over the bridge, continued on to 18th Street and climbed the hill up to Murdock Park to ride the even tighter twisting 3 + miles of trail that undulates on the side of a hill behind an elementary school. 

The quick downs followed by the quick ups reminded me of the leg strength needed to ride Murdock, the memory lapse being induced from 6 months having passed since the last time I rode there.

In all, the United Nations global health body, the World Health Organization, has confirmed 105 cases of swine flu  in seven countries.  More than half of those–66–are in the United States. (Today’s New York Times.) 

My legs hurt on Monday morning.  Surprised me.       

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