blue morpho

more collateral damage adds up

in the middle east as humans try

to measure out right and wrong

by using bullets and rockets to

bring about peace and happiness

a blue morpho flies somewhere in

the deep forests of central america

bringing joy to anyone who might see

it or to the trees and rivers and tapirs

wings of irradescence radiating

the hope of change is soon coming

to america and oprah is putting her

best life forward hoping to be her

true self honoring who she is meant

to be no different than you and me

true to that and wanting it all to feel

so right is not so easy when you are

counting crows on a treetop while

drinking beers as the train rolls up along

the wabash on a dreary january day

some roam from place to place while

others find themselves in being

in the same locale year after year

unwanting of change or losing sight

of what is familiar and comfortable

ethiopia says its pulling out of somalia

which means the way back to addis is

via the ogaden where thousands of ethnic

somalis living in ethiopia’s political borders

get in the way of more collateral damage

in el boqueron i saw a blue morpho for

a few seconds of life and felt a sense of

chance of a lifetime and found happiness

in moments of now and not wanting more

than what was present at that moment

some robins have not flown away for

the winter and i am assuming it might

have something to do with global warming

or maybe they like it here and do not

want to leave central indiana this year

more tea on the horizon to bring a

calmness to the day and to kick up some

caffeine in the form of goodness for the

mind and body and soul by living out the

slowing down and considering all of life

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