Birding in Lafayette

I live on the north side of the city of Lafayette in the state of Indiana. The back yard is very small. In it, there are a few bird feeders.

Around 4 o’clock today I picked up a glass of wine and walked to the kitchen window. On the back fence was a sharp-shinned hawk with a sparrow clutched under its right claw. The little bird was not moving.

The hawk then flew to the top of a telephone pole, looked around, and then started ripping the sparrow apart. Feathers fluttered in the early evening sky, falling gracefully through the lenses of binoculars.

Sipping the wine, I watched for 15 minutes as the sharpy ate his meal. Bruce was singing about “Sandy” in the background. I then decided to make this entry.

Looking out the kitchen window, the predator-prey relationship continues on the top of telephone pole in Lafayette, Indiana.

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