Libations Poetry

Sunset with a Beer Buzz

I wish y’all were here with me

No, not just family and friends

But all the various shade-ed skins

And frowning and smiling faces

Of this world and past and future


That you could sit here on my

front porch swing and take in

This Lafayette, Indiana sunset

With me and not say a word 


The pastel pinks and oranges

And yellow-blues in the corners

That give way to dull grey on

The edges and hued purple-y

Blues on the upward corners


With a slight air of brisk-ness

As the due westward horizon

Through the trees is a fiery

Orange red glow of final sun  


And that I am not sitting here


But with you, and we think to

Each other, “let’s chase

The sun like crazed drunks

On chariots with no purpose”  


The train rattles and rumbles on

Heading south along the Wabash

A purposeful river seeking the Ohio

Before marrying the Mississippi   


I wish you were here with me

And we could talk to each other

Without saying a word but

Nonetheless understanding   


That we are sharing this world

Together and not individually

Of each other or anyone else

But together as one, peacefully 

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