Mountains Poetry

Snowshoeing Brown County

a three-egg sandwich

with bacon and cheddar 

amassed in my stomach   


eight inches of snow on trail

already traveled by hikers,

mountain bikers and paws   


warm sun and blue sky

naked trees stretching

to reach the birdsongs   


snowshoes strapped on

trekking poles in hand

a quick gulp of water   


step into the winter

forest wearing its

finest seasonal dress   


heart rate increases

cares slip away

while finding flow 

2 comments on “Snowshoeing Brown County

  1. Of all the things that might amass in my stomach, a three-egg sandwich is one of the more welcome gustatory guests. Thanks again for visiting us in the ‘Ville. I’m very much enjoying reading the musings of the vagoscribe.

  2. favorited this one, dude

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