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MTBeer in the Year 2023

My measuring stick on time commitments related to work or starting new projects, things of that nature, is two years. That is relative to my years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras in the late 1990s. I figure that 2 years isn’t really all that long, as a period of time, but at the same time, some days in those years can feel like a lifetime, if a lifetime has something to do with the inclusion of hardships and challenges—physically, emotionally, psychologically.

MTBeer hasn’t seen those kinds of hardships/challenges. Somehow, here we are after 2 years of it and we’re heading into Year 3. It’s been a fairly smooth process.

Where has the time gone?! I recently read a report about a study that says that as we age, indeed, how we perceive time changes and that if we think/feel like the days fly by faster than they did when we were younger, well, as we know, there is no difference in actual time, but it “really” does fly by like an out-of-control locomotive.

So here I am, the train conductor of MTBeer rolling down the track (not out-of-control) and into a 3rd year of my monthly columns: Fully Rigid and No Dabs. If you’re new to MTBeer, Fully Rigid is purposely called that because, as some of us “old-school” riders know, “fully rigid” isn’t something you’d actually say unless, perhaps, you’re new to mountain biking, which means we can be critical/joke a little/correct you. In short, the column is about how mountain bikers don’t agree on all-things-mountain-biking. No Dabs, on the other hand, is simply a celebration of mountain biking, meaning all-things-positive, like that feeling you get when you don’t dab on a ride. (What’s a dab, you ask?! Enter: Fully Rigid!)

I’ll continue with the beer/brewery recommendations and feature a few along the way. Some brewery/brewer spotlights are in the works, highlighting people that support mountain biking. One major change, though, is that year 3 won’t have much to offer from the better-known names of the mountain biking community. I’ve decided that a change is needed, and so I plan to provide viewpoints from the ground, from “everyday people.” Yes, we are all everyday people, but you “catch my drift.”

Also, given that I live in San Diego, I’m going to focus the ride reports on trails/rides from around the county, with a monthly feature on Cuyamaca Rancho State Park and its environs. I simply love riding out there and when I am there, it feels good. Over the next 12 months, we’ll see how the landscape provides stories to us. Think of these as long-form journalism writings. (Road trip reports will continue, as well.)

Discounts at breweries and mountain biking businesses will continue, as they have for the past 2 years. They’ll be for paid subscribers only, like the past 2 years. With that, here’s the biggest change for year 3: MTBeer will be only for paid subscribers. I know it’s a gamble to do that, but to be completely honest, I’ve never believed in a free lunch unless you are in-need. Of course, there is no true free lunch. Someone pays for it.

Year 3 of MTBeer will cost you $10.20. Should you think it’s worth more, you can choose one of the other payment options. Note: I don’t get $10.20, as Substack takes a cut. Nevertheless, I think that amount is fair and equitable. If you’re a mountain biker these days, and one who has a post-ride beer, you can afford $10.20. It’s the lowest that Substack allows and it equals 85 cents/month, or 3 quarters and a dime. If you take advantage of a discount/offer, you’ll get your money back. Another note: I have zero sponsors and there is no advertising here. I choose to do it that way. No one tells me what to say/write. Basically, readers will support MTBeer, along with businesses who pass savings on to you, the readers. That is to say, MTBeer is entirely independent.

To get MTBeer for $10.20/year, use this link:

More below the photo …

One last thing … I don’t ride an e-bike, so you’ll get nothing from me on the subject of e-bikes in 2023. I’ve said enough already here on MTBeer (which you can access for free) and I can’t imagine there’s going to be anything new to say. Thus, MTBeer will be a no e-bike zone. (Alternatively, it is a one-gear zone.)

If you do subscribe, it will unlock everything on MTBeer that is locked. There is a lot on here, though, that is available for free. Anyone can read the free writings. Yet another note: Paid subscribers will get specific details from me on how to access the discounts/promos available only to MTBeer paid subscribers.

Year 3 begins on January 1, 2023.

Still here?! Thank you for your continued support and thank you to new subscribers for supporting MTBeer. I’m very appreciative.

To bring this to an end … Wishing you a happy and joyous end to the year and many more positive vibrations in 2023. Cheers, everyone!

$10.20/year at the link:

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