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MTBeer Update: Year 2

Hello, everyone!

Over on my MTBeer Substack, we are entering into year 2. This year, we’ll have a Q&A series with Mountain Bike Hall of Fame member Jim Hasenauer and we’ll have a second Q&A series with editors of mountain biking/adventure magazines. Also, I’ll continue my 2 columns: No Dabs and Fully Rigid. There will be ride guides, independent craft beer musings, travel/adventure/mountain biking, and I’ll upload my articles from the now dead Bicyclist Magazine.

You can access all of that for $10.20/year, or you can sign up for the free option and access some of it.


Bikes, beer, insight from editors on how to get your words/photos in print, conversation about trail access/land use policy, and all things in between and around the mountain biking community.

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