Introducing Zest Tea

I received an email a few weeks back asking if I’d be interested in trying a new tea product, one that’s juiced up with more caffeine than what is normal for teas. It turns out, Zest Tea found this website and determined by sleuthing around that I like to drink tea, which is true.

I figured that if they did that kind of “research,” then why not try their product and write a few words about it.

The box arrived and I was sick with laryngitis and an upper respiratory infection. I chose “regular” teas with honey and lemon and put the Zest to the side.

During that time, I was contacted by an editor about writing a feature article on mountain biking in southern Utah. I had to get better soon, no doubt, thinking at the same time that taking the Zest Tea along on the road trip would be perfect: load up on caffeine while on the open road.

Truth be told, I thought the ones that I drank on the trip were quite tasty, though I’d not want more of the Sweet Chai Infusion one, as it was too sweet for me. The others, I thought, would be refreshing replacements for the times when I reach for a sugar-free energy drink when unsweetened cold teas aren’t available. Hopefully, Zest Tea will become available in such locations for those times.

Higher caffeine level? I don’t know that I felt the rush, which is a good thing. Note that the cans say “No Jitters. No Crash.” I guess so. Regarding the sweet side of things, they use stevia, which I’m familiar with, having been introduced to it some 20+ years ago. Works for me.

I can’t really say I have a favorite flavor, though the Blood Orange Mango hit the spot. Pomegranate Mint and Cucumber Melon were other offerings from Zest Tea that I enjoyed. I have yet to use the tea bags. More on that coming later. In the meantime, check out Zest Tea here: https://www.zesttea.com/

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