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San Diego Summer Photo Dump

murren, san diego

Summer 2021 passed by super quick, having spent the days fixing up the new house and passing some of the days with friends and family in town. I got to catch up with a cousin I hadn’t seen in years and when we finished dinner and walked outside, this was the view:

Over at Harbor Island waiting on a plane, I had time to enjoy …

There’s never-ending beauty and sites in San Diego, a fortune I remind myself to not take for granted. Under the water, snorkeling at The Cove with friends and their kids, we had a spectacular outing:

Autumn is here and the rains have arrived. Out in the mountains, it smells so damn good: wet earth and decaying leaves.

Finally, the home library is nearing completion, hopefully all components will be installed before the end of the year.

a shared dream coming true

Peace, y’all.

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