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It’s Here: MTBeer … Mountain Biking and Beer Newsletter

It’s here. MTBeer is now live, my “newsletter” that will focus entirely on mountain biking and beer. If you want to receive the newsletter, you need to go to this link and subscribe:

An excerpt from that link:

Welcome to MTBeer by me, James Murren. I am an award-winning independent writer, with numerous pieces published in outdoor sports and recreation media outlets, as well as adventure and travel magazines. Since the early-to-mid 1990s, I have been mountain biking and enjoying beer, mostly of the “craft” variety.

I wrote for Dirt Rag, Bicycle Times, Bike, Switchback, XXCMag, Bicyclist, Spoke, and still send articles to Cranked and Mountain Flyer, primarily, for mountain biking-specific content. Also, I write a column for Adventure Sports Journal, titled “Earn Your Beer.” Other notable magazines and newspapers I’ve published in include: The Surfer’s Journal, Backpacker, L.A. Times, and San Diego Union-Tribune. Additionally, I’m on the editorial team for Snowshoe Magazine.

This newsletter is 100% me, with the intent being to focus on mountain biking adventures, trails, locations and local breweries/guides/destinations, as well as beer bars, beers-to-buy, camp beers, all coming together to celebrate bikes and beer. I am the writer, the photographer, and the editor. This will be more unfiltered than my writings that are published at-large, so to speak. Essentially, it’ll be me hanging out with you at the brew pub, the camp fire, the trail head, sharing insights on the ride over a beer or three.

Again, to receive the newsletter to your email inbox, go to this link and subscribe:

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