California Mountains

Climb to Glen Pass and then back over Kearsarge Pass, Sierra Nevada

I woke early and was eating granola in my tent before 5:15. A little after 6:00, I was on my way up from Charlotte Lake to the JMT junction. At 7:57, I was on top of Glen Pass. I then backtracked, stopping to filter water at the bottom of Glen Pass.


I was not “feeling it” when considering minimal risk of camping alone versus guarantee of seeing my wife, family and friends.  Dunno. It simply felt like I should be on my way. Also, I considered camping elsewhere, but had a ranger checked my permit, it would have put them in an uncomfortable position by having to tell me that my permit doesn’t match up with where I am. Respect their position and authority, I told myself.

Anyway …

I ended up having a “double pass” day by climbing Glen and then going back the way I came and then on over to Kearsarge, climbing up and then descending back to my car. By 1:30 in the afternoon, I was sitting in Lone Pine eating a massive burrito.  Not bad.

Sunshine Warms Charlotte Dome
On the Way Up to Glen Pass, Sierra Nevada, CA, USA
View from Glen Pass
Sierra Nevada Reflection
Water Refill Station, Below Glen Pass, Sierra Nevada, CA
Sky, Light, Rock, Water = Sierra Magic
Big Pothole Lake, Kearsarge Pass, Sierra Nevada, CA

All’s well that ends well, they say.

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