California Mountains

Onion Valley Campground

Back down from Robinson Lake, I had nothing to do but finish a book I was reading and cook supper. The weather was splendid, ideal even. Sunny, blue skies and temps in the low 70s kept me comfortable while I turned pages of Arundhati Roy’s “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness.”

At 9200 feet, the campground was fairly quiet of human noise despite that it was full, rushing water of a cascading waterfall and bird communication being the primary sounds.

an old classic

Putzing around camp, I noticed a waterfall opposite of the cascading one closer to camp.

camp view, with ribbon of cascading waterfall (middle right)
close up of waterfall in the direction of the golden trout lakes hike

With no cares and nowhere to go, late afternoon drifted into early evening. Pages turned as my stomach started to rumble. I eventually cooked food on the camp stove somewhere around 7:00 PM, made a cup of tea, and sat and watched night wash the sky into ink with star-dappled light.

Not long after, I crawled into my tent, excited about going up and over Kearsarge Pass to Charlotte Lake in the morning.

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