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Signs, Signs, Everywhere … Oh, Wait! One I Like!

Like many people, I’m not a big fan of signs telling us what we can and can’t do, but among the many at the trail head on Mission Gorge/Jackson in San Diego’s Mission Trails Regional Park ….

… there was a new sign that I really like:

Like the no drone signs I’ve seen around the land, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these. And, while I’m at it, another round of recommending two books you might considering reading:

One Square Inch of Silence, by Gordan Hempton and John Grossman

Quiet, by Susan Cain



1 comment on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere … Oh, Wait! One I Like!

  1. taiwantrailsandtales

    Wow. That’s almost Hong Kong levels of over-signposting.

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