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ASJ #109: Earn Your Beer MTB-ing Prescott and Sedona

The next installment of my Earn Your Beer column in Adventure Sports Journal is out and about, featuring Prescott and Sedona MTB and brews.

From the article:

There is Fruita/Moab. And there is Brevard-Pisgah/Dupont. Perhaps we can say Tahoe/Truckee. What about all the good riding spots on the Keweena Peninsula? Places on the map that are good for a week’s worth of riding, is what I am getting at.  You get me?  One mountain biking (MTB) destination combo that I have not heard much about is Prescott/Sedona.  After going there for a week of riding, I thought I might help put on someone’s map, if it is not already there. It is now on my list of destinations for MTB getaways.

courtesy of adventure sports journal
prescott circle trail
outer limits to last frontier

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